• Mixed
  • 17 Years, 6 Months
  • Female
  • Medium
  • St Helens
Owner of Misia


About Misia

I am a second owner of Misia. After fighting for her about one year with her previous owner. I couldn't leave her with that people. She was closed at home alone for 3-5 days every week. Her condition was very bad. When I first saw her I knew she will stay with me. Hey eyes was saying "please take me from this hell"
Now she is my little girl. Everyday she is so thankful for what I've done for her. Misia is very happy dog now. From the first day in my house she become a part of our family. We love her tooo much.


Took care of Misia

Misia has yet to receive opinions from dog sitters on Gudog.

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