While you might miss out on a summer holiday abroad this year, you know what’s great about a staycation? You can bring your dog! Here’s everything you need to pack in your little fluffball’s suitcase, whether you’re going on a dog-friendly weekend break in the country or spending a fortnight at the seaside. 

Blankets/old sheets – these are an essential to stop you getting hair all over the back of your car. If you’re staying in rented accommodation you can put them down to avoid fluff build-up there too.

Sunshades – sitting in a hot car for a long time can be dangerous for your little pal, and sunshades for the car windows can help stop the temperature soaring.

Towels – your dog is bound to get wet and muddy wherever you go, it’s just a dog’s prerogative! So, bring some old towels to dry him off and avoid getting muddy footprints everywhere in your Airbnb.

Dog food and bowl – sure there might be shops nearby on your trip, but you can’t be sure they’ll stock your pup’s favourite nosh. Plus, keeping the same diet will help avoid any stomach upsets. A plastic mat is a good idea too if your dog is a messy eater. (We love these ones on Fetch)

Bed or crate – many dog-friendly holiday homes will require you to bring a bed for your dog to sleep in, so they don’t ruin the furniture. But having their own bed or crate will also be familiar and remind your pup of home, helping them get a better night’s sleep.

A long and short lead – long leads are great for roaming in the wilderness, but a short lead will be necessary for any trips into town or any dog-friendly attractions that require you to keep your dog close.

Bottled water and a travel bowl – it’s paramount to keep your dog hydrated on long car journeys by making a few stops, so make sure you have some bottles of water and a travel bowl he can drink out of. These are a must for lengthy walks too. (We love these ones on Amazon)

Poop bags – this might be a holiday, but unfortunately you still have to pick up poop! Whether you’re going to the beach or the countryside, it’s important to keep them free of dog mess so everyone else can enjoy the surroundings too. (We love these biodegradable ones on Zooplus)

GPS collar –GPS tracker collars that connect to a phone app are great. If your dog runs off to explore you can keep track of his whereabouts, giving you peace of mind. Also, if your dog isn’t microchipped already, it’s a good idea to investigate this before setting off on any trips. (Our team recommends this one from Tractive)

Local vet numbers – another thing to do before you go is to find numbers for local vets in the area you’re going, as well as any out of hours emergency numbers, and pop these in your phone.

Treats and toys – this is a holiday for your dog too, and where’s the fun without some special treats? Toys will also help keep your dog occupied while you’re hanging out doing human things, so they won’t feel left out. And don’t forget a tennis ball to play fetch on the beach! (Our team usually get our treats from Tails)

First aid kit – pack this with any of the usual medicine your pet needs, tick-removing tools, and all the usual bits and pieces for cuts and scrapes.

Jacket – sure it might be summer, but if you’re going up north to hike in the mountains, it could still be a wee bit chilly for your furry pal. This will also help stay dry if there are any sudden downpours.

Stain remover & lint roller – before leaving to go back home, tidy up your rented accommodation of any doggy-related messes with a good stain remover and use a lint roller to pick up excess fur.

Unfortunately, not all hotels and holiday apartments welcome four-legged friends. But don’t worry, if you want to go away and can’t take your dog, you can leave them with one of our friendly vetted dog sitters on the Gudog website or iOS & Android mobile App. You’ll be able to enjoy your break safe in the knowledge that your dog will be well looked after in a nice, homely environment. All bookings on Gudog come with veterinary cover.

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