We always want to provide the best care for our dogs, such as good food, lots of walks in the park, treats, vaccinations, veterinary care, grooming, and… what about their teeth? Of course! Cleaning your dog’s mouth and teeth is very important and vital to ensure good health, which helps prevent diseases, and therefore leads to a long and healthy life.

The main cause of diseases due to the lack of oral hygiene of dogs is tartar. The accumulation of tartar causes bacterial growth, which, if not treated leads to plaque formation that causes periodontal diseases. One of the most obvious symptoms is bad breath. You should not only go to your vet to see if your dog has developed any disease but also have his teeth cleaned.

Of the periodontal diseases,  gingivitis is one of the most dangerous. It causes redness and inflammation of the gums, which causes them to retract and expose the teeth. If this is not treated in time, your dog’s mouth becomes a source of infection that can affect their health, to the point that their teeth fall out. For all these reasons, it is vital to do at least one dental check-up a year at your veterinarian, and follow a routine of cleaning teeth and mouth.

At Gudog, we have put together 5 ways to clean your dog’s teeth easily with bones and toys.

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How can I clean my dog’s teeth?

Regardless of the type of food, you give your dog, wet or dry, you need to follow it up by cleaning the mouth almost every day. There are two ways of cleaning your dog’s teeth: cleaning their teeth ourselves or making them clean their teeth themselves. If you have doubts about which method to choose, don’t worry, you have to do both for the best cleaning.

To routinely clean your dog’s teeth, you can use a special dog toothbrush or a brush cover in the shape of a thimble. In general, dogs do not like being poked in their mouths, so we recommend trying both as one of them will be less uncomfortable … Well, we got to do everything we can for their health! Additionally, you can complement the cleaning with mouthwashes for dogs and special dental food.

To give a thorough cleaning, there are many bones and special toys which will not only strengthen their teeth and jaw but also help prevent and remove tartar that could be present if you only brush their teeth. You can also say, using these toys is different and much more fun for them. If you go to any pet store, you can find many types of toys and dental bones, so here are 5 different types:

Dental bones for dogs

Dogs are carnivores by nature, so chewing on bones is a natural habit. Biting bones help ease their stress and anxiety by generating endorphins when they focus and relax with their “toy.” It also naturally helps keeps their mouth clean (as it has always done in the past without human intervention), strengthens their jaw, and helps prevent diseases such as gingivitis.

You can choose between 3 types of bones to keep your dog occupied:

Deer Antlers

When male deers shed their antlers, they are collected by hand, without the help of machines that damage their environment, and are cut and polished for dogs to chew on. There are antlers for dogs of all sizes, those that are also hypoallergenic and do not splinter as well. Chewing on antlers is fun for dogs and helps keep their teeth and mouth clean. It also provides them with nutrients and minerals. What your dog will enjoy the most is licking and chewing the antlers down to the marrow, which will be a real challenge. You can find deer antlers for dogs at any pet store.

Natural Bones

Despite their bad reputation, some animal bones are suitable for dogs, such as chicken, rabbit, or pork. They should be given raw without being cooked as they harden when they dry and can damage their stomach. It is advisable to freeze them a few days in advance to eliminate all bacteria, especially if it has some meat … those are the one’s dogs like the most! You can give your dog chicken wings or pork ham, always making sure that the size of the bone is proportional to your dog’s size so that they don’t swallow it. As the bones have some meat, it is very important not to give it to them with their food, as they would end up eating twice as much. It shouldn’t be given frequently as well as it can cause excess calcium and constipation. You can find natural bones at your local butcher shop, but if you don’t want to risk giving your dog one that might not suit him, you can find some at your pet store.

Pressed Bones

These bones are made from leather, the inner layer of the skin of animals such as cows, horses, and oxen. The major difference between pressed bones and the other ones is that they are 100% edible. They are recommended to satisfy hunger between meals for dogs with a big appetite. Since they are edible, you must take into account the composition of the bones, and regulate the amount you give them to prevent damage to their stomach. It is advisable not to give it to your dog more than three times a week. It is also important to note that pressed bones are not suitable for puppies under 6 months.

Dental toys for dogs

If you go to any pet store, you will find many types of toys for your dogs. One of the types is special dental toys, to take care of and clean the dog’s mouth. It is made of a material that is totally suitable for them, it is not toxic, although you must pay close attention to ensure that they do not eat the small pieces that appear when biting and breaking the toy. Like bones, toys help strengthen their jaw, clean their mouth, prevent disease, and unlike bones, help them have fresh breath.

There are two types of special dental toys  based on their functions:

Dental chew toys

These toys are designed in a way to clean the dog’s entire mouth while they chew. They can be rubber, rope, or mixed toys. The latter incorporates strings so your dog can play with it while unknowingly getting a thorough cleaning.

Dental toys with treats

They are the same as the previous ones, but they have holes to put treats that can only be reached by chewing. It keeps your dog engaged and entertained since they need to focus on getting the treat out. Reward toys like Kong toys are good for intelligence and memory exercise as well. They are highly recommended if you want your pooch to be calm and engaged at home.

Follow these tips and give your pooch one of these bones or toys to get the biggest shiny smile from your dog!

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