Did you know that every year many dogs and cats are abandoned? A big issue that many volunteer organisations try to solve by welcoming these animals and looking after them. You can find dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages, each of them having a unique history and personality. Adopting abandoned dogs is the best solution to help find them a new home.

The rescue shelter is the best place to find abandoned dogs as they will know the qualities and behaviour of each dog, which will be very useful in the first few days. Not all dogs have had the same experience or have the same character, so it’s best to talk to the organisation to try to get to know them without any prejudice.

Adopt an abandoned dog puppy 

In the shelters, there are adult dogs and abandoned puppies to adopt. Of course, before choosing one, make sure that your lifestyle will match the dog. For example, if you live in an apartment, it is better to adopt dogs that are not too large and are calm in nature, and if you’re unable to take long walks every day, avoid dogs that are too energetic.

The first thing to do once you adopt an abandoned dog is to visit the veterinarian first so that the vet can do a complete checkup and rule out whether the dog suffers from any serious illness and is in good health. 

It must be taken into account that, although shelters try to treat dogs with great affection, they do not always have the means to give them all the vaccines. Having many animals together, certain diseases also spread very easily. It is essential that both internal and external deworming be carried out.

Also, remember that the microchip is in the name of the shelter, so to proceed with the formal adoption, you will have to update it with your name. This also applies to the veterinary card.

Once the dog is already at home, the first few days of living together may be slightly tough. It is normal! You have to get to know each other and learn to live with each other. It is advisable that, from the very first moment, you have a designated area for the dog to eat and rest and do not overwhelm them too much so that it’s easier to get used to the new environment. A dog that has been abandoned needs to feel comfortable and safe in order to regain lost trust. If at any time you need support in case you need to go away, you can always look for a dog sitter who can make them feel at home.

As for the puppy’s training, you should know that young dogs are constantly learning, both to relieve themselves outside and to socialize and play. To avoid unwanted behaviors, it is best to use positive reinforcement. You will have to get the dog used to a care routine, such as bathing, combing, and cutting hair.

Adopt an adult dog 

Although most people prefer to adopt puppies, the truth is that adult dogs have a lot to offer. There are amazing dogs that are ignored every day in kennels because of their age. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that changing their behavior may take longer.

Dogs are very affectionate and grateful animals, so if they are calm and feel that their needs are met, they will want to spend all their time by your side and will give you unconditional love. Of course, keep in mind that an abandoned dog may present negative behavioural patterns or may not have been properly socialised , so you may find yourself with a discipline problem. This can be solved with patience and affection.

And if the dog is a certain breed? 

If you’re thinking of adopting a stray dog ​​or giving a home to an abandoned breed dog, it is important that you keep in mind some tips.

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For example, if the abandoned dog is a Yorkshire 

Believe it or not, all abandoned dogs are not mixed breeds, for example, we often find abandoned Yorkshires up for adoption. Beyond their physical characteristics, Yorkshires are active, intelligent, playful, clever, and curious dogs who love to go outside and explore. Although they are small, they really enjoy long walks and are very sociable, so they are perfect for families with children.

For abandoned hunting dogs

Another option is to adopt abandoned hunting dogs, such as greyhounds, pointers, or hounds. There are many dogs of this breed that are abandoned every day, often being left in an unfortunate state for having been tortured or mistreated. They are often not socialised or loved, so it is more difficult for them to understand when someone wants to caress them or learn to live in a homely environment. The good part is that they recover very easily from their negative experiences and learn quickly, but never with a loud voice or violence.

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