Beagles are known as the eternal puppy, with their over-sized eyes, ears and paws. The breed originates from Great Britain, although some historians argue that it actually hails from Ancient Greece.

We’ve gathered some facts about these charming little pooches.

Beagle facts

  • Beagles were traditionally used as a hunting dog, mainly to sniff out nearby hares and rabbits. They have a distinctive howl, which was used to alert the hunting party of prey in close proximity.
  • They’ll live between 10 and 15 years, and in adulthood will reach 1’1″ – 1’3″ tall and weigh 18-30 lbs. This range in size is down to the fact Beagles have a fondness for food, so be wary of what’s going in their little chops.
  • The Americans, usually known for their capacity to supersize literally anything, have created a second breed of Beagle; the Dwarf Beagle, commonly referenced as the American Beagle.
  • They’ve got distinct white, brown and black colourings which either come as a combination or two or three colours.
  • Their big ears might be cute, but they’re also prone to infection if not cleaned weekly.
  • Due to the design of their nose, and the fact they’re  constant sniffing, they’re likely to suffer from what’s known as reverse sneezing. If you’ve not heard it before it can be alarming, but it’s not uncomfortable for them at all so don’t worry!
  • The Beagle is a dog with a loving temperament; they’re extraordinarily affectionate and playful, so ideal for any family with young children.
  • Even when it’s full, a Beagle will never leave food. Train them against begging for scraps and hoovering up food on the streets. They tend to eat anxiously and rapidly, and if this becomes a problem for their digestion, seek your vet’s advice on the best food for your pooch.

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