Are you thinking about getting a dog for your family? Rather than buying a dog from a pet shop or a breeder, think about the benefits of adopting a pet. Although buying dogs from pet shops or breeders is, in many cases, favoured over adopting a rescue dog, rescue dogs can be just as good of an addition to your family if not better. Here are a few benefits of adopting a dog rather than buying a puppy:

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1. You are saving a life


By adopting a dog from a rescue centre or shelter you are giving a dog a second chance at having a good life. Many of them have suffered from cruelty, neglect, abandonment or were no longer able to be looked after by their owners due to illness or a change in circumstances. This can be extremely upsetting and traumatising for the dog and the shelter staff work hard to nurse the dogs back to health and do as much as they possibly can to prepare them to go to a new home. Unfortunately, many shelters do not have enough space for the amount of dogs that have been left homeless and not enough people are adopting these poor dogs, meaning that many healthy animals are put down. If you adopt a pet you can give an innocent dog the love and stable home that it needs and stop the overpopulation of shelters.


2. Sense of fulfilment

It is extremely fulfilling to adopt an abandoned dog and see them grow in confidence, trust, love and appreciation by showing them these qualities.

3. You will save money


Animal shelters usually spay, neuter, microchip and vaccinate animals in their care. These procedures are expensive so by adopting a dog in need you will save money and know that the dog you are taking home is healthy. Moreover, the rates charged by breeders when buying a dog are a lot higher than the prices of adopting a pet.


4. Help to eradicate puppy farms and pet shops


Dogs at pet shops often come from puppy farms. At a puppy farm (or mill) puppies are bred illegally for the sole purpose of earning as great a profit as possible. There is no regard for the dogs’ health or wellbeing and they are kept in deplorable conditions and forced to breed many times to their detriment. The don’t don’t receive veterinary care and are often destroyed when they no longer serve their purpose of reproducing. By re-homing a dog from a shelter you are aiding in stopping dogs from having to suffer in these terrible conditions as, rather than funding this illegal trade, you will be showing support for somewhere reputable that puts animal welfare above anything else.


5. Can benefit children


Owning a dog can teach children many valuable life skills, such as responsibility. By adopting a dog they will also learn empathy as they have given an unwanted and perhaps badly-treated animal a loving home where they can learn to trust and love again. Pets also provide children with security, companionship and a playmate, teaching them about the importance of friendship and mutual respect.

6. Many of the animals are house-trained

Animals from shelters have often been house-trained at their previous home which will save you time and extra effort as you will not have to do this.


7. Unconditional love


A pet shows you unconditional love regardless of whatever happens and will never judge you. This can raise the your self-esteem and make you feel good and the bond between you and your adopted dog is that much stronger as they know you have rescued them and given them a better quality of life. They are extremely grateful, loyal, will love you unconditionally and are eager to become a beloved member of the family.

Although adopted dogs may require more time and attention in order to rehabilitate them and learn to trust and love again, the pride and gratification you get from saving a dog’s life are limitless.


8. You could get a pet you never expected

You may have an idea of the kind of dog you are looking for when you visit a shelter, however, there are a wide variety of dogs, not only breeds but personalities too, and you could find yourself bonding with a dog you never would have expected to.


9. Older animals can prove to be the best companions


Puppies are often the preferred choice when thinking about adding a dog to the family, however, many people don’t think about the advantages of adopting an older pet. If they have been trained in their previous home they are less likely to destroy your furniture and, therefore, do not need such close supervision. Very often older dogs are calmer and happy to sit in your company which would suit certain people better than a lively dog in constant need of attention. Their personalities are also more developed than puppies so it is easier to determine whether or not you are suited to each other.


10. Adopting supports spaying and neutering


Adopting a dog from a shelter means that they have been spayed or neutered which is important in controlling the animal population. Dogs and other animals that aren’t spayed or neutered contribute to the issue of unwanted animals, leading to more being abandoned or left at shelters. By adopting a dog, you are supporting spaying and neutering of animals.




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