Every year on August 26th, Gudog celebrates #BorderTerrierDay! Here are some interesting facts about these awesome dogs.  

Border Terrier facts:

  • The Border Terrier originated in Northeast England, near the border with Scotland, during the 18th century.
  • These good-natured dogs were originally bred to assist in fox hunts, as they have an innate drive to dig.
  • Male Border Terriers are about 13-16 inches tall, while females reach around 11-14 inches in adulthood.
  • Border Terriers often live to between 12 and 15 years.  
  • They are super sociable and if left alone they can be pretty noisy and sometimes destructive.
  • Border Terriers tend to get along well with other dogs of all shapes and sizes, and they are also great with most cats.
  • Border Terriers are very active and bouncy. They love jumping up to greet their favourite humans!
  • Border Terriers gain weight very easily, so be sure to watch their diet closely and don’t be fooled by their puppy dog eyes when it comes to treats!  

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