Bananas can be fed to dogs, provided you do so as a dog treat rather than as an essential part of their diet. Feeding dogs bananas as tasty, healthy treats is a wonderful choice since they are full of nutrients.

Bananas are most people’s favourite go-to snack. They are extremely nutritious, taste great, and have tons of energy. But is it safe to feed your dog a banana? The answer is yes. Dogs can benefit quite a lot from eating bananas.

However, remember dogs require a balanced diet and most of their diet should be made up of proper dog food. Bananas have a host of benefits, but they also contain a lot of sugar.

If you feed your dog too many bananas this may cause hyperactivity but more serious weight gain. But you can as a healthy treat give them bananas in moderation.

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Why Should I Feed My Dog Bananas?

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Bananas are a great source of natural Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. They are an extremely rich and delicious source of potassium and are simultaneously low in sodium and cholesterol.

Bananas are also high in fibre which is particularly great with digestion issues and can help facilitate gastrointestinal problems if your dog has them.

They also contain magnesium which promotes healthy bone growth and helps the body in utilizing vitamins and minerals more effectively.

As a treat, they are far healthier than some of the salty, over-the-counter, store-bought options.

Will My Dog Like Bananas?

Photo by Ivan Babydov on Pexels

All dogs are different creatures with different personalities so your dog may not like the taste of bananas, hence may not eat them.

Your dog might even be allergic to bananas so it is important to start slow and see whether or not your dog may have an allergic reaction to bananas. The best way to do this is to cut some slices up and feed them to your dog and observe how he/she reacts to them. If you notice any stomach upset issues, then you will probably want to stop feeding your dog bananas.

When To Not Give Your Dog Bananas?

Although a tasty and healthy choice, you must be mindful of situations where it might not be the best idea to feed them bananas, despite the puppy eyes they make at you.

If your dog has underlying or previously diagnosed health issues like diabetes, obesity, or gastrointestinal issues then do not add bananas to your dog’s diet without consulting your vet. Bananas are fibrous and sugary, and these two things may aggravate your dog’s health issues.

Avoid feeding your dog banana peels as well. While the banana peel is not toxic it can be hard to digest and may create blockages which may lead to serious constipation.

Puppies in particular, should not be fed bananas as treats without proper consultation from your vet. Puppies usually follow strict nutritional diets that promote healthy growth according to their breed so switching that up is not a smart move to make.

All in all, feeding your dog a banana is a relatively safe choice to make as long as you do it in moderation and pay careful attention to any changes in your dog’s behaviour.

Inform Your Sitter About Your Dog’s Diet

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