Last updated: 29 March 2024

Finding trusted dog boarding for your pooch is a worry for all dog parents. Will your dog thrive with other pets, or do they need more one-on-one care? This article aims to help you understand the differences between traditional dog kennels and home dog boarding sitters, so you can decide the ideal solution for your pooch.

What We’ll Cover:

  1. Introduction
  2. What Is A Dog Kennel?
  3. Key Differences Between Dog Kennels And Dog Sitters
  4. The Advantages Of Dog Sitters Over Dog Kennels
  5. What Is Gudog? The Best Alternative To Dog Boarding Kennels
  6. Summary


If you’re a dog parent yourself, you’ll be familiar with a dilemma that almost all dog owner eventually faces. Who will care for your dog when you can’t? Whether you need to travel, attend a meeting, or manage an unexpected commitment, choosing a dog boarding option you can trust and that will care for your pooch as you would is paramount. 3 main choices are available for pet parents:

  • Family and friends
  • Dog kennels
  • Dog boarding sitters

Each option has its own advantages. While family and friends can be a great choice for many, today we’re going to focus on the professional side of dog boarding: comparing dog kennels with dog boarding sitters.

What Is A Dog Kennel?

Dog kennels are licensed facilities that offer accommodation for dogs when their pet parents cannot be present. Designed to provide a safe and structured environment, including daily feeding, exercise and playtime, as well as supervision by trained staff. Dog kennels are typically located on the outskirts of towns and cities to be close to major dog populations but with ample space for dogs to exercise. In the UK and Ireland there are over 1,500 dog kennels.

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Advantages of dog kennels include:

  • Trained staff with experience handling a variety of dog breeds and temperaments.
  • Structured routine with set times for feeding, exercise, and rest.
  • Socialisation with other pets in a controlled setting.
  • Facilities designed with pet safety in mind to minimise the risk of a dog getting lost or having a negative interaction with other pets.

Despite their advantages, the level of individual attention provided by kennels can differ, based on their capacity and staff. Therefore, it’s essential for pet parents to personally visit and evaluate each kennel, to ensure it aligns with their pet’s specific needs.

Key Differences Between Dog Kennels And Dog Sitters

Although the goal is the same, there are significant differences between a dog kennel and a private dog sitter in terms of care, environment, and personalized attention.

Dog kennels typically have facilities suitable for accommodating several dogs at the same time, such as individual or shared bedrooms, play areas, and trained staff to meet the needs of the dogs staying. The environment in a dog kennel can be more impersonal due to the presence of multiple dogs, which can affect the individualized attention each dog receives. And sometimes, it can be stressful for some dogs.

On the other hand, a private dog sitter offers their services in their own home. This helps to provide a more familiar and close environment for the dog, resembling life with their family as much as possible. A dog sitter may better adapt to the specific needs of each dog, such as feeding schedules, exercise routines, and medical care, as they typically care for only one dog at a time. Occasionally, the same sitter may care for two or three dogs at once if they are from the same family or if their owners prefer, but always ensuring beforehand that they are sociable with each other and the cohabitation will be perfect for everyone.

The Advantages Of Dog Sitters Over Dog Kennels

Opting for a dog sitter instead of a dog kennel has several advantages that can be very appealing to families in need of this service:

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  1. Flexibility in the stay schedule: By booking with a dog sitter, the family has the freedom to choose the stay schedule. This means they can coordinate the arrival and pickup of the dog according to their own schedules and needs.
  2. Adaptation to the dog’s routine: Dog sitters adapt to the daily routine of the dog they care for: meal times, walks, and activities. This provides a sense of continuity and comfort for the dog, as they can maintain their usual routine even when away from home.
  3. Personalized attention and continuous contact with the family: One of the greatest advantages of opting for a dog sitter is the personalized attention they offer. The sitter is dedicated exclusively to caring for the dog or a small group of dogs, allowing for more individualized attention focused on the specific needs of each family. Additionally, the sitter will be in continuous contact with the dog’s family, providing regular updates on their well-being and allowing the owners to feel calm and connected during their best friend’s stay.
  4. Competitive pricing or cheaper than some kennels: Although prices may vary depending on location and services offered, some dog sitters may offer more affordable rates than some dog kennels.

What Is Gudog? The Best Alternative To Dog Boarding Kennels

Gudog is an online platform that connects dog owners with local dog sitters who offer dog care and accommodation services. Founded in 2012, Gudog operates in various countries and has become a popular choice for those seeking alternatives to dog kennel care.

Gudog allows dog families to search for and book dog minders near their location who fit their specific needs, whether it’s for dog walking, daycare, or overnight stays. Dog minders registered on Gudog undergo a verification process to ensure their identity and experience in dog care.

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Owners can view caregiver profiles, read reviews from other users, and communicate directly with caregivers before making a booking. Gudog also provides a secure payment platform and veterinary coverage with each booking.

The Gudog team is made up of passionate dog lovers, and with that premise, all work, development, and improvements are always focused on providing a perfect experience for the dogs entrusted to Gudog’s dog sitters.


In summary, if you’re wondering what’s best for your dog, whether a dog kennel or a dog sitter, we believe that opting for a private sitter can offer a series of benefits. Flexibility in the stay schedule, adaptation to the dog’s routine, personalized attention, and continuous contact with the family. All at a competitive or even more economical price. At Gudog, you can find sitters without their own dog at home or who do not care for other dogs at the same time, something essential for dogs that are not sociable or need more attention. These advantages make dog sitters an attractive option for many owners who want to provide their dog with close care and lots of love while they are away from home.

What is Gudog?

Gudog is the easiest way to find & book the perfect dog Sitter. Thousands of loving Sitters are ready to care for your dog like family! All bookings come with Veterinary Care & Free Cancellation.