Knowing how to enhance your dog’s diet is crucial for their health and well-being, especially in a feed-based diet where the main form of food is commercially prepared.

Don’t worry, if you’re currently feeding your dog with commercial food, you’re not doing anything wrong. However, there are ways to improve their diet by considering a few tips.

It’s not about criticizing feed-based diets; instead, it’s about staying informed and utilizing that knowledge responsibly to ensure the well-being of our furry companions.

While we have previously discussed various types of dog food, today our focus is on how to enrich your dog’s diet and the reasons behind doing so.

Why is it important to enrich your dog’s diet?

We believe that feeding dogs with commercially prepared food is a convenient and comfortable option due to its ease of acquisition, administration, and preservation. However, we now understand that relying solely on this type of food has certain limitations stemming from its inherent weaknesses.

Let us explain the deficiencies that can arise and how you can address them by learning how to enrich your dog’s diet.

How to enrich your dog's diet
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Deficiency 1 – Water

To enhance your dog’s diet, it is essential to ensure they have access to an adequate amount of water. We’re not just talking about the water bowl next to their food bowl. Let’s delve into it.

Take a moment to consider the texture of the kibble you feed your dog. It’s typically dry, as it is processed and dehydrated.

In contrast, dogs are naturally carnivorous animals, designed to consume prey, which naturally contains higher water content than a serving of kibble. This can lead to a kind of chronic dehydration that may not have immediate consequences but can impact your dog’s long-term health.

How can we address the lack of water in a kibble-based diet? One solution is to enrich your dog’s diet by offering broths or liquids 3-4 times a week.

Deficiency 2: Composition

It can be challenging to determine the precise composition of dog food. While they come with ingredient lists, they may not provide the level of detail one would expect. For instance, if the ingredients list mentions “bird,” it could refer to any type of bird, and even the specific type of bird used can vary between batches of the same food.

It’s worth noting that wet dog food (canned) is also processed food, and its exact composition can sometimes be unclear.

How can we address the lack of transparency in kibble-based diets? We recommend enriching your dog’s diet by always choosing products with high-quality ingredients. It will make a difference!

Deficiency 3: Processing

How to enrich your dog's diet
Photo by Giorgio Trovato

As we’ve previously mentioned, commercial dog food is highly processed. While there are many options available, some more complete than others, a homemade chicken breast cooked by you will always be superior to a feed containing, for instance, 47% chicken. Don’t you agree?

To overcome the limitations of a solely feed-based diet, it’s easy to make a change. Take some time and enrich your dog’s diet by preparing homemade meals for them. They will truly appreciate it! You can include cooked chicken or turkey breast, white fish, eggs, as well as fruits and vegetables. For example, you can offer a serving of commercial feed alongside a portion of natural food prepared by you. Just remember not to mix foods with different digestion times in the same meal.

The main shortcomings of a feed-based diet, include issues related to water content, composition, processing, and consistency. These deficiencies can be addressed by implementing minor adjustments to your dog’s diet.

Deficiency 4: Consistency

Another drawback of feed-based diets is the lack of consistency it provides. Since kibble doesn’t effectively clean the teeth, dogs solely fed on feed often experience tartar issues and may require regular dental care.

How can you address the lack of consistency and enrich your dog’s diet? Opt for treats that have an appropriate texture and also promote the release of endorphins while maintaining dental health.

In summary, enriching your dog’s diet doesn’t require major changes. Simple actions can make a significant difference. We assure you that it will be worthwhile, and your dog’s health and well-being will thank you.

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