Surely, it has happened to you. When you enter your home, you notice what we commonly call: the smell of a dog. If you have a dog, it makes sense. Your house smells like a dog because there is a dog. And what do dogs smell like? Surprise: like a dog!

Although it is completely normal for your dog to emit a smell (just like everyone!), we are aware that this can be annoying for some people. That’s why in this post, we’re going to give you some quick tips to avoid that dog smell that your furry friend gives off, in case it is too strong. Take note!

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Why do dogs smell?

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Dogs smell because they release bodily secretions through their skin, just like we do. So, dogs smell for exactly the same reason that we, humans, smell. Can you imagine your dog saying, “Ugh, this human smells too much like a human”?

Keep in mind that what we call the smell of a dog helps them communicate with other dogs and animals. That’s why it’s so important that, even if you try to mitigate this smell, you never do it thinking about eliminating it completely. Spoiler: it’s going to be impossible, but if it were, you would be doing your dog a disservice.

The sense of smell in dogs is much more developed than ours. Dogs have 220 million olfactory receptors, while we only have 5 million. For this reason, smell is their communication mechanism, and odors are part of their canine nature. Keep that in mind!

Why Do Dogs Have Odors?

The odors emitted by a dog are more pronounced in the anus, the area of the ears, and the paw pads. These three areas concentrate the highest number of glands responsible for secreting substances:

But what are the real causes of the dog smell?

  1. Poor personal hygiene: Dogs need to be groomed regularly. Not only is bathing important, but brushing is essential to remove dead hair and dirt.
  2. Skin diseases: Sometimes, dogs can develop bacteria and fungi on the skin, leading to skin diseases or pathologies. This is especially true if dogs spend time with damp fur. Therefore, it’s important to thoroughly dry your dog after a bath or a walk in the rain.
  3. Poor dental hygiene: Your dog might have oral problems that can be treated with specific canine dental brushing. There are also treats that clean tartar from the teeth or deer antlers. Consult with your veterinarian.
  4. Anal glands: These are sacs of liquid located in the dog’s anus and usually empty when defecating. These glands can become obstructed and be the cause of an unpleasant odor. If this is the reason, you’ll notice it!
  5. Ear diseases: When a dog suffers from otitis, it can develop a very unpleasant smell due to infection and excessive earwax expulsion. Your veterinarian will guide you on the treatment to follow in this case.
  6. Medications or antibiotics: Medical treatments can also change the smell of your dog’s secretions.

How to Get Rid of the Dog Smell at Home

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Here are some tricks and home remedies to combat the dog smell. Although, as we mentioned at the beginning of this post: your house smells like a dog because you have a dog! There is no more pleasant (bad) odor.

1. Give your dog baths

Although baths should not be done too frequently because the odors and oils they release keep their skin protected, it is advisable to bathe them periodically.

It is recommended to do it approximately every 2 months. But if your dog gets very dirty, it’s best to give them a bath to remove the dirt, which you can even do with just water.

The frequency of baths also depends on the length of the dog’s hair, as long-haired dogs require more care and hygiene than short-haired ones.

You can bathe your dog at home or use exclusive dog wash stations at certain gas stations or dog grooming salons.

2. Use baking soda

To eliminate the dog smell from carpets, chairs, and sofas, simply take a brush and rub with a little baking soda. This homemade remedy is very useful as baking soda absorbs bad odors.

3. Do not use bleach

Bleach has a very strong odor that can make the dog want to urinate on it, and it is also very irritating to the sense of smell. It’s better to use a bleach-free floor cleaner when cleaning at home.

4. Create an air freshener yourself

It’s easy, can be done with materials we all have at home, and doesn’t require much time. Use coarse salt and a natural cologne you like. Take a glass, add the coarse salt, and you can mix it with food coloring to give the air freshener a touch of color. Finally, soak the coarse salt in the cologne. You can also use lemon.

5. Wash their bed

The bed is one of the places in the house that smells the most like them. If your dog’s bed doesn’t fit in the washing machine, and to avoid damage to it, it’s better to take it to a laundry. Wash it frequently to keep odors and potential bacteria at bay.

6. Perfume your dog

Attention! Make sure they are 100% respectful to your dog’s skin and fur. We recommend those formulated with natural compounds. Nowadays, there are plenty of fragrances for dogs that, while not replacing a good bath, are advisable for certain occasions. You can find them with sweet, fruity scents… They will make you want to eat your dog!

7. The smell of a wet dog

As we mentioned at the beginning, moisture is often responsible for the strong odor emanating from your dog’s fur. That’s why it’s important to dedicate time to thoroughly drying your dog when they are wet.

If you expect that it won’t rain for a while, a good bath with their usual shampoo is the best option. To remove the strong odor, you can use a splash of apple cider vinegar along with the shampoo. Apple cider vinegar, aside from eliminating the odor, acts as a mosquito repellent, along with the flea collar, and also adds shine to the fur.

Tell us about your experience if you try any of our tricks and remedies to get rid of the dog smell.

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