Unless you’ve got a puddle monster, it can be a struggle to get your pampered pooch to go out in the rain.

Here are some fun games to keep your dog from going stir-crazy when the weather traps you both indoors.

Not only are these types of games are great for keeping your pooch entertained, they also keep them mentally stimulated and healthy.

Our mates over at Dog Furiendly have compiled a great list of tried and tested games which you can play at home, and we’ve come up with some below!

“Find It”

“Find It”: the easiest doggy game of all time. Show your dog a tiny treat, throw or hide it, say “Find it!”, et voila!

If your dog doesn’t quite get the idea of hunting outside the food bowl, begin by dropping the treat right in front of them. At each repetition, throw it farther and farther away. You can make the game more challenging by asking your dog to stay while you hide the treat behind in another room.

You literally can’t go wrong when sniffing and food are involved!

“Go Wild and Freeze”

“Go Wild and Freeze,” developed by trainer September Morn, is a workout for everyone involved!!

Let your inner Strictly star out and start dancing excitedly around the room, until your pooch joins in.

After a minute or so, stop moving, and ask your dog to ‘sit’, ‘go down’ or ‘stay.’ A moment later, start dancing again; and repeat your command.

End the game clearly, for example by saying ‘all done!’ and giving them a cuddle, and sitting down with a book or turning on the telly. If you say the same phrase every time, your dog will learn that it signifies the end of play for now.

“Go Wild and Freeze” is not only fun, it actually helps teach your dog self-control as it learns to respond to your cues even when excited. It’s mainly just hilarious though.

Use the stairs

A staircase is a great tool for getting your dog moving and their heart pumping.

Sit one person at the top of the stairs and another at the bottom. Take turns calling them to you, and give them a reward for making the trip. Eventually, you can train them to go up and down the stairs to get their little treat.

Make sure it’s clear when the activity begins and ends though; you don’t want your doggo to play there when you’re not around to make sure they’re playing safely.



It may sound silly, but practicing yoga with your dog can be a fun way of bonding with and training with your pooch. Not only that, but since dogs are so perceptive; any stress you are carrying invariably rubs off on them, so practicing a little mindfulness with them every now and then can be great for both of your health.

There are a few places you can practice Doga in the UK; from Dogamahny in London to The Real Dog Yoga who provide services and training nationwide.

Get ready to perfect your downward facing dog.



If your pup is all tuckered out after all the “Find Me” and going wild, a nice way to calm them down and get a bit of bonding going on is to groom them. A bath or a gentle brushing session is a wonderful activity to end a day spent inside.

Here are our top tips on grooming your dog at home.

Make sure you use pet-friendly grooming products; you can find the UKs top rated shampoos over on jugdog.co.uk.

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