Our furry, scaly, and feathered members of our family are incredibly important to us, and so it is upsetting and stressful when they aren’t feeling themselves. We start hovering around them, wondering if something is different. We worry we’re overlooking a big problem, or making a mountain out of a molehill. Sometimes, it’s simply best to get a vet’s opinion. 

Times have changed significantly over the last year, and a lot of the everyday errands we used to run have moved online. Many of us work from home, do our grocery shopping online, have apps for any queries we may have for our GPs, and order takeaway food instead of going out for dinner. Treating our pets is no different – we now have the option of using remote vet services to avoid having to visit clinics in person. 

If you’re considering using a video vet service, you’re not alone. They’ve grown in popularity massively, not simply due to the social distancing restrictions. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using a video vet service. 

1.Video call quality is now high: Vet video calling may not have been possible even five years ago, with lower resolution imaging and potential audio delays. These days, video calls are such high quality that a vet will easily be able to see the details of what you show them.

Vet video calling may not have been possible even five years ago, with lower resolution imaging and potential audio delays. These days, video calls are such high quality that a vet will easily be able to see the details of what you show them.

2.Less stress for animals: Many animals find it stressful to travel, and many dislike going into the vet clinic. Many animals also inherently do their best to hide any signs of illness when they feel threatened, which they often do in a clinical setting. For this reason, having a vet assess your pet over a video call can be far less stressful for them and the vet can see them acting naturally. 

3.You can abide by social distancing: Social distancing guidelines are changing all the time, and many vets still won’t allow you to go into their treatment rooms for your pet’s assessment. A video call ensures you can abide by all guidelines safely. 

4.You can avoid being apart from your pet as much as possible: As mentioned above, many clinics aren’t currently allowing owners inside the practice. This means animals have to be taken by the vet into the clinic, which can be stressful even for the most relaxed animals. Discussing your worries with a video vet will allow you to stay with your pet and only take further action if absolutely necessary. 

5.You can easily ask about small worries without running up big bills: Heading into the vet is always expensive and time consuming, which often leads us to umm and ahh about what the right thing to do is when something’s not quite right with our pet. 

With video vet services such as Vetly and other services, you can easily set up an appointment and talk through your concerns, without the stress and expense of a vet visit. Most visits to see a vet will cost £40-70 simply for a check-up. Video vets are available from £19 and can be booked in minutes and 24/7. Most out-of-hours calls at a clinic cost a minimum of £100, and so are best reserved for emergencies. 

6.You can share your knowledge and get a vet’s opinion quickly: If you are an extremely knowledgeable or proactive owner, you may already know your animal’s temperature, breathing rate, gum colour, and other details your vet would check in-person. If you can pass these on with accuracy, you can quickly find out what next steps to take. 

7.You can find out if you need to be referred or not: Experienced owners often know when their beloved pet needs further investigation. A video call will allow you to get an appointment quickly, confirm your suspicions if correct, and get the referral you need.

When is a video vet the right choice? When should I visit the clinic?

A video vet is your best first step if: 

  • Your pet is in mild discomfort, but is not showing any concerning symptoms. 
  • Your pet has skin irritation or excessive itching that can be discussed easily via a video chat. 
  • A gunky eye or itchy ears – again, mild in severity. 
  • If they seem fine, but ate something they shouldn’t. Video Vets will be able to tell you whether or not you need to take further action. 
  • They seem to have mild cold symptoms such as a cough or runny nose. 
  • They’ve got a minor injury, such a small cut or mild limp. 
  • You can tell their behaviour “isn’t quite right”, but there aren’t any concrete symptoms. 

You should go straight to a clinic appointment if: 

  • Your pet is having trouble breathing.
  • They have a wound that needs stitches. 
  • Excessive vomiting. 
  • A severe limp – unable or unwilling to bear weight on the limb. 
  • They’ve been involved in a traumatic incident. 

Essentially, your intuition will tell you whether you simply need the advice of a vet (choose a video call), or the action of a vet (go straight to the clinic). 

If you are looking for a word of advice regarding your pet’s health, a video vet is always a great first step. 

With Vetly, you can quickly and easily book a video call with one of their experienced vets for any available time. They’ll talk through your concerns with you, offer a diagnosis, refer you if necessary, and follow up with you later to see how things are progressing. With Vetly, you never have to worry that you’re not doing enough for your pet.   

Whether your pet has been injured, is experiencing skin problems, vomiting or diarrhoea, we can help. We offer our services across the UK and Ireland, and we are here to help you to take care of your pets when it matters the most. Click here to find out more or book your appointment

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