Most dogs love going for a walk. Walking and exercising with them is the best way to create that special bond, and helps coexist on a day-to-day basis. But unfortunately, we cannot always go out for a walk when we want, or as many times as we would like. Especially in the autumn and winter months, we have to brace ourselves to go out for a walk in the rain, day or at night.

For approximately four months a year, the daytime is very less, with late sunrises and early sunsets. Although the months of early sunsets are just a few, we all do miss the sun in the mornings! Without realising it, each day when you go out for a walk with your dog before and after work might be in darkness.

Luminous collar for dogs
Photo: Glowdoggle Flickr

Whether you walk your dog on a leash or off, it is more difficult walking your dog in the dark, unlike the usual daytime. It’s not usual, but sometimes they do make sudden movements or run off on hearing a loud noise, or run to their furry pals when they see them playing. Or simply, if you want to loosely walk your dog and the darkness makes you insecure, for all this there is a solution that partly helps us locate them if we lose sight of them: luminous collars for dogs.

Different types of luminous accessories for our dogs are being used and bought more and more. There are many types and obviously many colors to choose from, especially if you have more than one dog for a walk. The most important advantage is that you can continue walking as usual, no matter what night or what time it is, which will undoubtedly make you very happy.

Daily exercise is a must for your dog’s health and to keep them balanced, which results in a happy dog. A good walking routine and exercise must be provided throughout the year. Wearing a luminous collar/accessory during walks will also help to avoid accidentally losing sight of your dog, to be visible and reachable at all times by you and by other people, and in general to prevent possible accidents.

Luminous Collar for dogs
Photo: Flickr Maja Dumat

Currently, there are three types of luminous accessories in any physical pet store or online, but they are also sold in non-specialized stores:

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Luminous collars

Among all the accessories which have a light for dogs, the luminous collar seems to be the best choice. They are normal collars, like the one that your dog surely already has, but this also includes a band of light that runs through the collar. The biggest advantage is that you will only have to put this collar, and not another glowing accessory in addition to this one. You can use it on all your walks, and turn it on when there is some darkness or at night.

There are many models and colors to choose from among various brands. Some are charged by USB as they have a built-in battery, and others require batteries. As for the duration, it depends a lot on the model, the type of load, and the duration of the rides. A USB charge can last several days of long walks, while if the necklace is battery powered it will last much longer.

As with normal collars without light, it is important to choose the one that best suits your dog. Take a good look at the length and width of the collar, and then choose the one you like or let your dog choose their favorite.

Luminous collar for dogs

Light bands

They are very similar to luminous collars, but unlike those, they do not act as a collar as such. You cannot hook the strap or hang the identification tag on them. In fact, we do not recommend hooking anything to the band because they are usually made of plastic/silicone and would break easily.

The performance of the light bands is similar to those of the collars, but in the case of the bands, most are charged using a USB port. Also, like collars, light bands have various light options. You can choose to put a fixed or flashing light, depending on your needs.

You would have to put the light band on your dog in addition to the collar or harness. Also, there are no sizes, but you have to cut the band where you need it to fit comfortably around your dog’s neck.

Light bands for dogs

Luminous pendants

Luminous pendants are attached to the collar or harness. They are cheaper than collars and bands and perform the same function but spawn less visibility. By being attached to the collar or harness, when your dog looks in another direction with his back to you, you will not see the light in the dark. Also when running, the pendant moves, and if it is one of the models that has a light on only one side, you will lose a lot of visibility.

In terms of performance, charging is usually with button batteries, which last longer, but with the drawback that the battery cannot be recharged. As mentioned before, some models only have a light on one side, which gives less visibility. For this reason, we recommend buying the models that have at least two lights, and the more the better.

In short, the glowing pendants are a good option to walk your dog when it is only slightly dark. But if you want to keep track of your dog’s whereabouts at all times, we recommend glowing collars or light bands.

Luminous pendants for dogs

If your dog is one of those who loves making a splash in the water (no matter how stagnant or dirty it is), we recommend that you remove the accessory before your dog enters to take bath. Most models are not waterproof, and it would be a shame to see it become totally useless in a matter of seconds. Whichever lighting accessory you choose, they are all going to be an excellent investment for the happiness and safety of your dog. There is no excuse to go out for more walks during the winter months when it gets dark early. 

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