Over at Gudog HQ we’re pretty obsessed with the story of Owen and Haatchi the Anatolian Shepherd.

When Haatchi had to have his back left leg and tail amputated after he was tied to a railway line and hit by a train, he struggled to find a home.

Luckily, the parents of Owen Howkins, who suffers from rare condition Schwartz-Jampel syndrome, came across Haatchi’s story on Facebook, and within weeks he was re-homed.

Owen’s condition causes his muscles to be permanently tense, preventing him from being able to play and talk normally. Yet the pair struck up an instant bond and have been inseparable since they were introduced.

Speaking of his friend, Owen said:

I used to be scared of strangers, then Haatchi came along and now I’m not and that’s how he changed my life. I didn’t really meet many others with disabilities and felt like the odd one out, which made me really sad. But when I saw Haatchi and saw how strong he was, even though he only had three legs, I became stronger myself. I love him so much.

The Anatolian Shepherd won first place in the Crufts ‘Friends for Life’ category, after receiving the most votes from the public.

Owen y Haatchi 2

While Owen and Haatchi’s story is unique, it’s universally acknowledged that the bond between dogs and humans can help us to stay healthy, in shape, feel loved and cheer us up when we’re feeling a bit blue.


You can watch a heartwarming video of the two of them together here.

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