There is little doubt the Coronavirus has been one of the worst experiences in recent decades. During these last months we have all lived through the consequences, and the worst, at least as far as the economy is concerned, is likely still yet to come.

The virus has also forced us to quickly adapt to a new way of life, and we believe that many aspects of this new life will be here to stay.

Most of us have been working from home since March. For those whose work previously took place in an office, with hours sitting in front of the computer, infinite meetings in different parts of the city, and the time invested travelling to and from work, there is some sense of relief.

Many companies have found that working from home can be as efficient (or even more so) as working from the office. Allowing for better work-life balance, and removing unnecessary the many face-to-face meetings with as effective video calls.

If remote working is here to stay, this change will inevitably impact us and our pets. Many of us who previously had to give up sharing our daily lives with our pets, due to hours away from home, will now have more time together for one on one care.

Having a dog is a big responsibility that requires time, patience, understanding, more patience, some money to cover all its needs, an appropriate space, and a little more patience…

If you’re ready to share your day to day with a pooch, especially now that you will spend more hours home working, but you still aren’t ready to take the plunge with your own pet, why not can always offer yourself as a dog sitter in Gudog?

30,000+ trusted dog sitters are ready to care for your dog like family!

What are the advantages of being a dog sitter at Gudog?

  • Gudog allows you to earn extra income while working from home. You can get paid to care for dogs as if they were your own.
  • Taking care of a dog will force you to take short breaks during your workday to play or go for a short walk to stretch your paws.
  • Caring for dogs will also keep you in shape through daily walks at the beginning and end of each day.
  • Okay, socializing on the street is not something available to everyone, but dog parks are full of people willing to fill up a bit of your day telling you the best anecdotes about their dog. Plus, it’s a great way to talk to them about the wonders of Gudog and get new clients or dog sitters.
  • It has long been said that taking your dog to the office helps reduce stress. Working from home turns the tables, as we’re the ones who stay at home with our dogs or the dogs we care for, but the fact is working with a dog nearby continues to have very positive effects on our health. physical and mental.
  • Through Gudog you will have access to specific courses and training in dog care and education.

If, due to your new work situation, you spend many hours at home and have experience in caring for dogs, whether they are your own or others, you want to earn extra money every month, and you also want to continue learning and receiving specific training on dogs, we believe that becoming a caregiver through Gudog is a great opportunity for you.
You can register as a dog sitter through these links OR download our mobile app:

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What is Gudog?

Gudog is the easiest way to find & book the perfect dog Sitter. Thousands of loving Sitters are ready to care for your dog like family! All bookings come with Veterinary Care & Free Cancellation.