Valentine’s day is fast approaching, and here at Gudog it’s one of our favourite holidays.

We’d rather spend it with our pet pooches than with our partners, what about you? Let us know by answering our poll.

And if you’re feeling generous, don’t buy your dog a box of chocolates (it’s poisonous to pooches, don’t you know), make them one of our tasty cake recipes instead!

Mary Berry, eat your heart out.

Liver cake recipe

Our friends over at the wonderful charity Hearing Dogs UK have created this very treaty 4 ingredient cake recipe for your dog.

They recommend it’s only given in small quantities as a high value reward to pooches older than 6 months.

It freezes well, so can be something you crack out on very special occasions for your furbaby.

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  • 450g lamb or ox liver
  • 450g self raising flour
  • 3 medium eggs (we like free range ones)
  • Milk or water, of equal volume to the cracked eggs


  1. Crack the eggs into a measuring jug
  2. Add an equal volume of milk or water to the measuring jug and whisk together
  3. Blend the liver in a food processor
  4. Pour the eggy mixture and blended liver into a bowl and sieve in the flour, mixing as you go until it’s smooth. It’ll be like a normal
  5. Empty contents into a greased baking tray and bake at 180 degrees (or 350F) for 35 – 45 minutes
  6. Allow to cool then divide into small pieces (we’d suggest 12), and freeze

Sweet cake recipes

If savoury cake isn’t your thing, there are loads of sweet cake recipes online which will satisfy your pooch (and which you can enjoy too!!)

Sarah McCready’s Pupcakes:

The Blue Cross teamed up with Masterchef alumni Sarah McCready to create a dog-friendly Pupcake recipe which we’re sure your pooch with love.

Peanut butter and banana Pupcakes:

The Happy Foodie have come up with a super tasty recipe which also give your pooch a healthy dose of fat and vitamins.

They can be stored in an airtight container for 3 weeks, or batch frozen so you have them ready for days when your doggo is particularly well behaved!

Check out the recipe and instructions here.

No bake dog cake recipes

If you’re not much of a star baker, that’s okay. The Dog Bakery have come up with four super tasty cake recipes for your dog which don’t require any baking.

Check all four of them out here, or make our favourite one (because it has only two ingredients!!) the Dog Treats Cake.

The Dog Treats Cake:

We’re sure your pooch will gobble this up with gless as it contains two of their favourite things; treats and meat!


  • 25 thin, grain free treats
  • 1 can of grain-free meat dog food


1. Spread one tablespoon of the canned dog food into a circle on a plate
2. Press the dog treats on top of the dog food layer in a circular pattern.
3. Spread a second tablespoon of the canned dog food on top of the layer of treats, then on top, press the second layer of treats. Repeat this process until your cake is the desired height.
4. Cover the cake with cling film, and refrigerate for at least 12 hours. (During this time, the treats will absorb moisture from the dog food, making the cake easily sliceable!)
5. Serve a slice to your pooch and watch them gobble it up in record time!

If your doggo isn’t into cake (weird, but fine), why not try our buckwheat bone recipe, or Dog Furiendly’s tasty recipe selection:

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