Lack of appetite is an indicator of health problems, ranging from mild to severe, in all animal species. Does your dog sometimes refuse to eat? We’re sure you’ve asked yourself this question on some occasions and your dogs sometimes display this type of behavior that can alarm you. 

You can ease your concern if your dog continues to consume water, even though he/she does not eat food. But, even so, it is always best to analyze what is happening.

Reasons why my dog ​​does not want to eat

If your dog ​​does not want to eat, we believe is best to determine the cause as soon as possible. Why should I do this ASAP? Because by not eating food, my dog is not receiving the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that he/she needs. This can potentially cause other health problems. We, as canine experts, can help you identify 3 possible reasons what could be happening to your dog.

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Your dog may not like the food

When your dog ​​does not want to eat but continues to eat homemade or canned food, then it is easier to identify what is happening. They may not like the smell of the food, maybe bored of it, or may simply prefer wet food. In this case, it is necessary to analyze whether to change the type of food or start with a BARF diet.

Your dog may be feeling low

Another reason why your dog ​​does not want to eat maybe because he/she is not feeling well. Perhaps they have contracted a virus and have an upset stomach or even a tummy ache. You can wait and see if the situation improves, but, otherwise, even if there is diarrhea or vomiting, it will be essential to go to the vet. The discomfort can also be psychological.

Your dog may have some intolerance

Many times we believe that only humans have intolerances, but this is not true. Dogs may also not digest a certain type of food well and this must be detected as soon as possible. Therefore, if your dog ​​does not want to eat, but continues to play, it is best to try different options to identify which ones cause some type of discomfort in your dog.

What can I do if my dog ​​does not want to eat?

You must take action immediately. In addition, there are some behaviours that will hardly go unnoticed. For example, your dog may not feel like going for their routine walk or may not play at all. If your dog is always active and is not behaving like its usual self, without a doubt, this is an indication that should not be ignored. Therefore, some of the solutions that you will have to take into account are the following:

Note down all the symptoms and go to the vet

It is very important to keep track of everything your dog ​​is experiencing in order for the vet to diagnose correctly. During the first hours, you must be attentive to what is happening and if you detect that the situation is not improving, you shouldn’t hesitate to take your dog to a vet clinic. If your dog is a puppy or too old, do not wait, since they are much more vulnerable to any disease.

Keep your dog hydrated

If your dog ​​does not want to eat and only drinks water, he/she may be losing fluids through vomiting or diarrhea. It is essential that they stay hydrated. It is important to have a bowl of water nearby and, if necessary, encourage them to drink a little water every hour. In addition to this, you will also have to go to the vet so they can diagnose if the issue is viral, bacterial, or parasitic.

Why isn't my dog eating: Causes and Solutions

Find the cause of your dog’s low behaviour

Sometimes, when your dog ​​doesn’t want to eat and is down, this has to do with a recent situation. If you go on a trip and leave your dog ​​with a relative, he/she may feel sad about your departure, since they do not know if you will return. This can be a cause of why they stop eating food. This could also happen in cases where they’re in a new environment. Establishing a routine is essential. Knowing the causes and solutions to why your dog ​​doesn’t want to eat is important so you can identify if there are other issues to prevent any delay in the visit to the vet if the situation is not resolved in a short time. Sometimes it is difficult to know how to act and do everything to keep our furry friend happy and healthy. Therefore, the sooner we can find a solution, the better. 

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