Christmas is fast approaching, the days when meeting loved ones, eating together, and gifting presents are more important than ever. Despite the fact that these last 2 years have been difficult and last Christmas was not the same as it used to be, this time of year has a “What should I buy for Christmas” that makes it exciting again to think about what and how to prepare for those special days. Gifts are a very important part of the Christmas tradition, especially when you have children at home. So, in case you got the idea to adopt a dog as a present, we want to tell you why it is not a good idea to adopt a dog for Christmas.

Everyone has always wanted a dog as a child, but if you’re a parent let’s tell you something: have patience, this obsession will pass over the years. The first thing you should teach your child is that a dog is not a gift, therefore, adopting a dog on celebratory days such as birthdays or Christmas is not the best idea. If the decision has been thought through and you’re in a position to have one more member join the family, then that’s great! But you must make sure that your child knows the responsibilities of having a dog, and will be willing to make time and put in effort for and that you all share the same desire and enthusiasm to educate, care for and give your new furry member a lot of love.

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Why you shouldn’t do it?

Of course, adopting a dog is wonderful, but it is important that it is not viewed as a gift or a reward. The most important thing when we think about bringing a dog home should not be the surprised face that our children are going to make.

Dog at the window during Christmas
Photo by Laura Beth Snipes on Unsplash

Also, Christmas is not the best time to introduce a dog into the home. They are busy days, with many visits, trips, or outings, without routines or schedules which could be a lot of stress. When we adopt a dog we need time, a lot of time. So adopting a dog at home during Christmas will make it difficult to help them adapt to the new environment, house train, and even on supervising in general.

Let’s not get carried away by the magic of Christmas! We know that it is very tempting to adopt a dog for our children. Nothing is more exciting than that. But what can a dog mean in your life? We’re sorry to be the ones to remind you of this, but adult life is accompanied by thousands of responsibilities and worries, and a dog (in addition to the infinite joys) also brings responsibilities. Check-ups, vaccinations, deworming, food, house training, etc! Is your child ready to take on the responsibility? Will you have the same enthusiasm for taking the dog for walks after a few months? What happens when you need to go on a holiday or need to stay away for work? What if your dog ​​has special needs and you didn’t realise it then?

We recommend you take all this into account before adopting a dog this Christmas. It is likely that your child’s excitement will become a new responsibility for you. So do not get carried away, it is a very important decision!

What if I’m sure that I want a dog at home?

If you have thought things through and it is something well planned, then what are you waiting for, get them home already! It is great to adopt and we are convinced that you will be very happy. But do not get a dog this Christmas because a dog is not a gift, it is a member of the family. 

Almost 300,000 dogs and cats were abandoned in 2020 . Remember that dogs can have fears, behavior, or health problems because they are not toys, they are living beings just like us. So we encourage you to make this decision and treating it as something important, because it will change your life.

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