For better or worse, the pandemic has changed the way we work, and in many cases those changes are here to stay. And if you’re looking at a long stretch of working from home, why not consider improving your home-office company with a furry friend?

Whether you’re not quite ready for the full-time commitment of your own new pup but want to get in some practice hours, or you just want to make a little side cash from the comfort of your couch, becoming a dog sitter with Gudog could tick all your boxes. 

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30,000+ trusted dog sitters are ready to care for your dog like family!

The advantages of being a Gudog sitter

  • It might not seem like hard work, but taking in a dog for the day can help supplement your income! You can choose your own rates and have the option to increase them during peak times such as public holidays

  • Looking after a dog will force you to take breaks throughout the day and help divide up your screen time, whether you’re popping out to play fetch in the garden or having a cuddle on the sofa

  • Working from home has made our lifestyles even more sedentary, but having a hound around will ensure you keep up your step count and stay fit with daily walks

  • Having a dog can be a great way to meet new people – you might just make some great new friends with other dog walkers on your lunchtime trips to the park (socially distanced of course)

  • Canine companions can help reduce stress and have a positive impact on both your physical and mental health

  • You can choose when you’re available to sit – whether that’s a couple of days a week, Mon-Fri 9-5, or overnight weekend stays

  • Got a small house? Don’t worry, you can select what size dogs you’re able to take in – from Dachshunds to Great Danes!

  • Get access to specific courses and training in dog care and education from Gudog

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So if you love dogs, are spending lots of extra time at home, have experience caring for our favourite four-legged pals, and fancy earning some extra money each month – as well as continuing your doggy education with Gudog courses – becoming a Gudog sitter is the perfect opportunity for you.

Register today as a dog sitter here OR download our mobile app. Or for more information on becoming a sitter, check out our guide.

What is Gudog?

Gudog is the easiest way to find & book the perfect dog Sitter. Thousands of loving Sitters are ready to care for your dog like family! All bookings come with Veterinary Care & Free Cancellation.