Did you know, a Yorkie named Huddersfield Ben is thought to be the father of the breed. This ratting-champion-turned-stud-dog was a confident competitor in dog shows; he won over 70 awards. Even though he only lived until he was six, most Yorkies bred for shows today are distant relatives of ol’ Ben.

Have a little read about this cute and very popular breed:

Yorkshire Terrier facts:

  • The Yorkshire Terrier, rather unsurprisingly, comes from Yorkshire.
  • They’ll reach about 8 inches to 9 inches tall, weigh between ‎4 to 6 pounds and live for 12 to 15 years.
  • Originally a working-class family dog, used for hunting down rats, it became popular as a lap dog for royal households in the Victorian Era.
  • They are fearless little creatures which made them ideal for rat-catching and hunting other small animals, and now makes them ideal for owners who like to play with their pooch.
  • Yorkies are also super obedient and fast learners; take a look at this cleaver little gal! 

Yorkshire Terrier

  • The phrase ‘small man syndrome’ might come to mind when you think of terriers you know. They can be yappy or bossy, but usually only when they have been startled or are being teased.
  • Yorkshire Terriers tend to prefer teenagers and adults to children; they can be snappy when irritated by boisterous kiddies. 
  • Yorkshire Terriers are a long-haired breed without an undercoat, which means they rarely shed. If you’ve got a Yorkie you’ll need to keep on top of grooming and trimming; their hair can grow up to two feet long!!  

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