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I’m a person deeply passionate about dogs and dedicated to their well-being. My motivation stems from the profound love you have for animals and the belief that they deserve care, attention, and affection. For me, taking care of dogs is not just a responsibility but a privilege and a source of joy. When I provide pet sitting services, I offer comprehensive care to ensure that each dog feels comfortable, happy, and well-cared for. My care routine includes feeding the dogs on their regular schedule, ensuring they have fresh water at all times, and giving them plenty of exercise and playtime to keep them active and engaged. I also make sure to follow any specific instructions provided by the pet owner regarding diet, medication, and daily routines. I am available for pet sitting services throughout the week and on weekends, and I am flexible with scheduling to accommodate the needs of pet owners. Whether it's a short visit during the day or an extended stay, I am committed to providing consistent and attentive care. I feel comfortable caring for a variety of small dog breeds, including: - **Chihuahuas** - **Pomeranians** - **Yorkshire Terriers** - **Dachshunds** - **French Bulldogs** - **Shih Tzus** - **Pugs** - **Miniature Schnauzers** - **Cavalier King Charles Spaniels** - **Bichon Frises** My experience with these breeds allows me to understand their unique needs and temperaments, ensuring that each dog receives personalized care and attention. My goal is to create a safe and nurturing environment where your pet can feel at ease while you are away. I have extensive experience with dogs, which has deepened my understanding and appreciation of their needs and behaviors. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of caring for various breeds, especially small dogs, and have developed a strong bond with each one. My experience includes: - **Daily Care:** I ensure that dogs are fed on a regular schedule, have fresh water, and receive any necessary medications. I am attentive to their dietary needs and preferences. - **Exercise and Play:** I provide ample exercise through walks, playtime, and other activities that keep dogs physically and mentally stimulated. I understand the importance of regular exercise for their overall health and well-being. - **Training and Behavior:** I have basic knowledge of training techniques and am comfortable reinforcing commands and positive behaviors. I can handle common behavioral issues with patience and consistency. - **Health and Safety:** I am vigilant about monitoring the health of the dogs in my care. I recognize signs of illness or distress and know when to seek veterinary assistance. I also ensure that the environment is safe and free from hazards. - **Emotional Support:** I understand that dogs have emotional needs and strive to provide them with affection and companionship. I make sure they feel loved and secure, especially in the absence of their owners. My hands-on experience has equipped me with the skills and knowledge to provide high-quality care for dogs. I am committed to ensuring their happiness and health, treating each dog as if they were my own. When dogs stay at my home, I ensure they have a comfortable and safe environment for both sleeping and play. Here’s how I accommodate their needs: ### Sleeping Arrangements Dogs have designated sleeping areas that are cozy and secure. Depending on their preferences and the owner’s instructions, they can sleep in: - **Comfortable Dog Beds:** These are placed in quiet, low-traffic areas of the house to ensure a restful sleep. - **Crates:** For dogs that are crate-trained, I provide a clean, comfortable crate that gives them a sense of security. - **Designated Rooms:** If a dog prefers more space, I have specific rooms where they can sleep with their favorite blankets and toys. ### Play Areas I have several areas in my home and yard dedicated to play and exercise: - **Indoor Play Areas:** These are safe, dog-friendly spaces within the house where they can play with toys, interact, and enjoy some indoor activities, especially during bad weather. - **Fenced Backyard:** My backyard is securely fenced, providing a safe and spacious area for dogs to run, play fetch, and explore. It’s perfect for supervised outdoor fun. - **Designated Walking Routes:** I take dogs on regular walks in a safe, dog-friendly neighborhood. These walks provide them with physical exercise and mental stimulation, as they get to explore new scents and sights. I make sure each dog gets ample opportunity to play, exercise, and rest, ensuring they feel at home and happy during their stay.

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Maximum distance: 5 km
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I accept dogs up to 18kg
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July 2024

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1 review

My poodle was looked after well by Georgia, even though my dog had severe separation anxiety she returned happy 😊


Trenance Road, CV79FQ, Coventry

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