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Ever since I remember myself, i always had a prodigious love for animals and more specifically for dogs and cats, without knowing where it comes from. It might be this innocent way a dog looks at me, with a face full of love, as if he wants to tell me that he loves me more than what he loves himself. It might be the fact that a cat always finds the way to make me laugh. Wrath inundates me when I hear about incidents of violence towards animals. I do not understand how someone may not love dogs. Needless to say that whoever has an indulgent love to dogs understands that if their dog doesn't trust someone, they shouldn't trust him either.
I hope i haven't overwhelmed you with the above words ...
My name is Rozi and I come from the Cyprus. I have been in England for the past 4 years. I work as a chef here. When I was in Cyprus, I had two dogs, Molly, which someone unmerciful abandoned in the street and i decided to treat and adopt, and Lola, one of the puppies of a friend's dog. My girls live with my parents now. I miss them a lot and feel empty without them.... We also had countless cats in our neighborhood because the cats in Cyprus are stray so, with a whistle, a lot of them gathered in our yard to be fed.
I no longer have the chance to have my own pet because a pet needs full dedication and some times i don't have the time to do that. However, I am very happy to host other's people's pets whenever i get the chance. I have mostly been offering accommodation to friends' cats and dogs here in UK.
My schedule is not fixed but we can arrange dates and times based on your needs.
If you are a crazy dog/cat lover like me, don't hesitate to contact me if you are looking for a dog/cat sitter.

thanks in advance

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£15 / night
City Leeds
Address Fillingfir DriveLs16 5eh Leeds
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Outdoor areas Balcony and Garden
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Other clients' reviews of Rozina

& Chewbacca

January 2020

Rozina is great! She was the best pet sitter I've ever had.
She took an excellent care of my little yorkie for a long period.
I'm glad I've found her and I'll definitely consider hiring her again.