Outdoor walkies

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Dog Boarding No £20
Holiday Rate £23

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Luckily I live right by the dean river which is a 30 second walk to dog heaven.

Every dog I have taken walking there has had the time of their life (some go in the water some don't.)

Our dog is now with the eldest brother so I fill my time with looking after other dogs (Neighbours/friends) which keeps a smile on my face.

My mother is from Tunisia and unfortunately dogs there are seen as guard dogs, human interaction is minimal bar feeding time. In my last few trips, I have made an effort to visit peoples homes who have guard dogs and give these beautiful animals some loving (they thought I was a madman.) Eventually, some even let me take the dogs off the flat roofs/courtyard for a walk. I have never had a dog turn on me. I believe all animals have the ability to love and my soft spot is with dogs!

I have personally had so many pets growing up ranging from; rats, hamsters, budgies, cats, dogs and even mice. All lived happy lives and the family cat and dog are still healthy and well (touch wood).

I would love to spend time with your 4 legged family member and take them for a walk by the river!

Dog Boarding Rate
£20 / night
City Edinburgh
Address Sunbury Mews Edinburgh