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I always had pets from when I was a child, I had various species and types. I had my own dogs and cats, and in the last two years I’ ve worked as Pet sitter both for home’ s visits, walkings, boarding (in particular) to both cat and dogs, also simultaneously. I like the nature and take walks, I like the way the animals express themselves, and I like to help both the owners with having time for themselves, than the pets to not feel alone, and to have fun. Or in case of sickness into recovery. I’ ve helped a dog in the recovery from a post surgical wound, both cheering him up and mantaining him always positive, than with bandages, medications, continuous check. And the dog had epilepsy, one of my cat have diabetes, so don’ t worry about your, I’ m sure it wouldn’ t be a problem. I can’ t wait to meet your puppies! My house is a small chalet in the back of a house with a medium garden very well fenced and armored door. Very nice and safe. I’ ve a cat in the house but is becoming old, so he like to sleep, to go to explore the neighbor garden, has few teeth and nail cutted, and is a non destroyer but instead sweet cat. Enough used to other animals now. Because of him anyway I can’ t accept aggressive dogs, playful are yet good, but not aggressives. So in case ask in a message. Thank you for the attention :| I don’ t take dogs over 40 kg just because I’ m very thin so they make me fly literally :p But I’ m used to dogs medium/big size. So my services includes walkings of an hour in the morning and usually half of an hour if there is a second one, house visits include feed them, walking for dog, or just make take some air to the cat outside if he has a balcony together, play, if there is the need dry bath, and nails cut for cats. So usually after the walk for the dog there is play and rest time. For the boarding is almost the same structure, food+ medications if required, he has full access to the garden, from the morning, play if he want, and usually in the meanwhile that I clean or cook they take a nap. After that other play and free exit, for walkings in the area around can be discussed with the owner before. We are near a pair of parks and there is a beach a little far by feet. Photos and videos always available, usually in 2/3 times per day, videocalls when needed, usually after a week or two. Then food, walking before my dinner and usually second nap, but depends by the age of the animal. I can offer vet visits if required with the taxi. Anyway we’ ll always listen by phone, so you’ ll know everything. For nights. If the pet is calm and sleep well just a goodnight, if there are big problem I could contact you, but id they are just feeling lonely, then some hug and time to make them sleep will do the rest. With cats is similar but we have more cuddles moment on the sofa or outside. X) e I’ ve made visits for a female cat in the days the owner had to go out for some day, I usually did go 2 times per day, one in the morning for 2/3 hours and one in the evening for 2 hours, same things described up. Then I hosted in my house a Golden Retriever with his brother 6 month kitty, for 2/3 weeks in the holidays of the family. With the dog I’ ve made long walks in various parks of the city, he known other dogs in there, had some sniff at the new parks, loved the path near the river, the summer, and even in the night walks we enjoied the wind and other summer moments. She was a very obedient dog, the cat was a little a devil, but my other cats started to like him after some time. We played in house with both, and we slept in the same room, dog in her floor bed, and me and kitty in the bed. A bath for both. Photo videos and videocalls ^.^ all perfect. And at the end there is been this dog with post surgical wound at the paw that have to be checked always and that had a lot of sensibility to every little change of the environment. So the house had to be cleaned almost sterile, the paw have to be bandaged and the bandages take on and off for walks, often he had anafilattic shock, or fever and others bad moments due to his auto immune sickness and I had those time to call the owner and her collaborators to take him to the veterinary clinic. I think to have saved his life a pair of times ^^’ one time I’ ve noticed his fast breath and his going slower. One time there were spots in his skins. It’ s been an hard work, but with the collaboration of everyone, vet and nurses we have made this paw return almost normal. So I’ ve put in practice some nursing skill and learned to take temperature, mantaining the temperature in the house to a right degree for his epilepsy, make some injection (that I did know yet because of my other diabetic cat), make bandages, have nurses at night to check him. Now I’ ve making some walk with a sweet dog of 11 years old. It’ s a small chalet back the main house, then we have a medium garden of green grass, well fenced and armored door. Is possible to decide with the owner if he prefer the dog/cat to stay always in this garden or to have the walks outside in the nearby parks or the beach (a little more far) In the house there is moquette, a sofa, kitchen, small barhroom, bunk bed. The place is very nice and safe. I have a cat inside the house as we said, but would probably go in the nearby garden (where he can jump high) or in the house in the upper bed. Anyway I can make them like each other step by step.

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June 2024

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Markfield House, N15 4PY, London

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