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Waterlow Road, N195NH, London
Belly rubs with Moira!
Waterlow Park, 5 minutes walk from my flat and great for dog walking
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Hi! I'm a 27 year old Visual Effects Artist living in North London with my partner. Although we don't have our own pet (landlord rules) we are both big animal lovers and often pet sit for our friends who have cats, dogs, rats, rabbits... I grew up with many animals, mainly my family dog Milo, who you can see in my profile picture! But also rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens and reptiles, so I am very comfortable handing most animals. My partners family has a cat that I also enjoy taking care of. I am happy to provide whatever care is needed for you dog or other animals, whether it be feeding, cleaning, cuddles, play time, walks, overnights... On a side note, my hobby is photography and I love taking photos of animals, so I can also send you some free photos of your dog with my camera if it's something you'd like, as I do it for fun I am always happy to! I work 8-5 Monday - Friday, but outside those hours I love to do pet sitting and dog walking, whether it be morning, evening or weekends! A little bit about myself... I grew up in Essex, went to university to study visual effects for 4 years and then moved to London. I have been living in London for 5 years working in Visual Effects, I met my partner 4 years ago and we moved to Archway together 2 years ago.  I understand that pet sitting is all about trust and it can be hard to get to know someone from just a profile picture and some text so if you have any questions for me please don't hesitate to ask! There's no question too rude or blunt, if you're unsure about anything please go ahead and ask, I'll do my best to answer! I mostly walk/cycle everywhere so I tend to just do pet sitting in North London around my area in Archway, although I'm happy to discuss options if you live a little further. Most of my experience is with my own family dog Milo, I don't live with Milo any more but still get to see him whenever I visit my parents. I am accustomed to the daily routine of feeding, walking, and cleaning a dog. My partner and I have done pet sitting for friends In London with a variety of different pets, I am very comfortable and confident with animals and find it easy to get to know a dog and keep them under control.

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Waterlow Road, N195NH, London

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