Making your own dog biscuits may sound a bit complicated, but we assure you that we’ve found the perfect recipe to get you started. All you need is an apron, lots of enthusiasm, and some ingredients that we detail below.

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Healthy Dog Biscuits

Why make your own dog biscuits? Keep in mind that one of the keys to ensuring your dog lives many years with robust health is its diet. It should be healthy and balanced, taking into account its needs and requirements based on age, breed, and weight. In this post, we discussed the importance of caring for your dog’s nutrition and how to supplement its diet if necessary. Always consult with your veterinarian about this!

The idea of preparing your own dog biscuits is fantastic if you want to maintain a balanced diet for your dog. This biscuit recipe is made with completely natural ingredients and is a fantastic source of protein.

Ingredients for preparing delicious dog biscuits!

For this dog biscuit recipe, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 3 ½ cups of wheat flour
  • 1 ½ cups of oat flakes
  • ¼ cup of extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 egg
  • A pinch of salt

As you can see, these are very easy-to-find ingredients at any supermarket or grocery store. So, don’t think twice about it. Additionally, as you may deduce from the ingredient list, they are suitable for human consumption. Is there a better plan than sharing these delicious dog biscuits with your furry friend? You’ll both lick your fingers (and paws)!

And now… let’s cook dog biscuits!

Mix the wet ingredients on one side: the egg and the olive oil. Beat well with a whisk or hand mixer.

Separately, mix the dry ingredients in a bowl: the flour, oat flakes, and salt.

Incorporate both mixtures slowly and add the water gradually.

Now for the fun part: kneading! If you have young children and have decided to make this recipe with them, take advantage and reserve this task for them, they love it!

Add more water if you think it’s necessary, although the thicker the dough, the better!

Using a rolling pin, flatten the dough well. Use two sheets of kitchen paper (one on top and one on the bottom) if you find the dough too sticky.

Shape them! You can either buy pre-made bone-shaped molds or give your biscuits the shape you want with a knife.

Place your dog biscuits on a baking paper on your baking tray and leave them at 180º for 30 minutes. This is the worst part: you’ll have to wait impatiently while the house smells like a real bakery.

Bonus tip! If you want your dog biscuits to be crunchy (instead of soft and chewy): once they have finished baking, let them cool for a while inside the turned-off oven.

And there you have it! Delicious dog biscuits (and human-friendly) that are easy to make and your dog will love, mmm!

Dog biscuits as a reward

If you use store-bought treats to reward your dog, this idea is an ideal substitute. More natural and even more delicious! And if you don’t believe us, give it a try, bake these biscuits and let your dog be the judge.

Moreover, we think it’s a great idea to bring as a snack on your walks or leave for the Gudog caregiver you’ve booked along with the rest of their food. They will remember you and how much you love them!

(We admit that writing this post has made us very hungry)

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