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Orchard Close, WS4 1LU, Birmingham
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About Catherine

Hi! My names Cathy Turner 🙋🏻‍♀️ I'm 26, a mother of one little girl who is two years of age and three fur babies! I have Pringle who is 6, his brother Jasper who again is 6 and a black cat called Blue (strange I know). Blue is a Bombay black cat and Pringle and Jasper are King Charles cavalier spaniels. They all have a lovely temperament and love being around people, children and other animals 🥰
As you can see from above, I have lots of experience from owning my own animals. I also come from a home with a dachshund who I have looked after numerous times, Timmy the sausage dog! 🐶 
I'm highly motivated to work with animals purely down to my huge love for them. I'd be happy to look after small/medium sized dogs, rabbits/caged animals in my own home. I would request that all animals are used to other animals due to me having three of my own. I'm happy to board several animals at a time if owners are happy with this too for day care or overnight stays. 
When having several dogs at once I am happy to book out Bosty Fields in Rushall which is an enclosed dog field that you can book out for an hour at a time for the dogs to have a good run about. They love this!! 🐶 (I do this at my own cost to ensure the dogs have a good amount of exercise time) 
I have a secure medium sized back garden and provide lots of dog toys/ dog sun shade beds to keep them occupied and safe. I also live locally to the Lime Pits nature reserve so have lots of lovely walks for your dogs which you will be able to see on my photos through large woods and canals. 🌳 
I'm also happy to travel within reason to feed cats/dogs if owners will be on holiday/ away from their home for a long period i.e work long hours and need someone to pop in daily to feed or take dogs for walks/let house cats in and out. 🐾 
I would also request that any animals that I have stay at my house are fully vaccinated, up to date with boosters, fleed, wormed and house trained for obvious reasons. 💉 
Please send me a message if you need help with your animals and I will respond as soon as I am able! 😊
I look forward to speaking with you and meeting your gorgeous fur babies! 🐶 🐱 🐰 🐹 🐭 I am a massive animal lover of all sorts! I do this as my full time job on several apps so I will try and be available as I possibly can be! Animals will be watched 24/7 in my care and never left alone. I can provide as many walks as required a day, day care, boarding, pop in visits! I am able to board up to five dogs at a time at my own home. I always do a meet and greet prior to make sure you feel your animal would be comfortable staying with me as I find this very important. All of my own animals have a lovely temperament and love other animals I have over 6 years of experience with owning my own animals. I have two King Charles spaniels, Pringle and jasper. I also have a Bombay cat called blue! I have been working with animals for over a year now and will never look back! I adore all animals and am very passionate about them and ensuring I provide the very best care for them possible! I am massively motivated to work with animals due to my massive love for them! I also look after my sisters dachshund on a regular basis so have lots of experience of different breeds and being around animals. I have a medium sized home which is semi detached. I have a large garden for dogs to run around and play and use the toilet. I have lots of dog beds, water bowls, food bowls, dog toys on site. Dogs are allowed on all furniture and I provide towels and throws that are washed on a regular basis.

Catherine's dogs

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel·Size M·7 Years, 10 Months
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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel·Size M·7 Years, 10 Months

Catherine's home

Total size of outdoor area: 10 m²


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I have previous experience of walking dogs
I have previous experience of boarding dogs
I can provide references upon request
I own a car suitable for transporting dogs
I can administer oral medication
I can administer injected medication
I have volunteered in animal shelters
I have children at home

Services and fees

Veterinary coverage & 24/7 phone support included

Dog boarding

Overnight in the dog sitter's home
Pick-up / drop-off
Maximum distance: 5 km
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Puppy rate
Extra dog rate
I accept dogs of all sizes
Including puppies

Dog walking

Around your neighbourhood for 1h
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Puppy rate
Extra dog rate
I accept dogs of all sizes
Including puppies

Dog day care

During the day in the dog sitter's home
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I accept dogs of all sizes
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July 2024

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Orchard Close, WS4 1LU, Birmingham

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